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Colorful stones and meteorite branch ring

Gold Color14K Yellow Gold
Ring Size4 US

An asymmetric branch ring set with a special piece of Campo del Cielo meteorite accompanied by colored stones in an asymmetric composition: a white diamond on one side and a combination of pink sapphire, ruby, and black diamond on the other side.

This bold and unique design is an unconventional engagement ring- gentle and full of colors and textures.

This is a custom branch ring made by hand in our studio. It features specific characteristics. This product is available by order. We can adjust the price according to your budget and make a custom branch ring with your desired stone, quality, color, or size. Just contact us, and we'll explain it all.

Processing time is estimated to be 5-7 business days. Once your order is ready, we will promptly notify you and proceed with the shipping process.

If you have any questions, inquiries, or if you simply want to discuss your ideas for a custom design, we're here to assist you. Contact us at:

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Colorful stones and meteorite branch ring


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