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Silver or gold? Why not both…?

Silver or gold? Why not both…?

Shine is my favorite color.

In fashion like in fashion there are basic rules which are BIG NO NO's! For example mixing dark blue and black or wearing a black bra under a white shirt.
In the jewelry world it was – Do not mix silver and gold.

But why actually?

I admit that also for me it wasn’t easy to make that "switch" in my mind.
Suitable for a jeweler, my hands are loaded with rings and bracelets, like a real life Christmas tree – the more the merrier.
As a result of the great mass I carry around, it was only reasonable that it will all be made out of silver. Silver is a great material; it's beautiful, not expensive and best suites my skin tone ;)

Be bold- its gold!

But then, my engagement ring arrived – beautiful, shiny, filled with diamonds and of course….made out of gold. Oh No, what should I do?
Should I grow up and change all my jewelry to gold? A bit expensive…
Should I wear gold on my left hand and silver on my right? No, that’s ridiculous, I have too many silver rings to put on one hand and one gold on the other.
So…. I bravely decided to mix them up together, and make myself some new gold rings.

Holy chic!

Slowly I started making myself more and more gold pieces that combined elegantly with my mixture of silver jewelry. It looked so natural and even drew attention and lots of compliments from my surroundings.
In the studio we researched the subject and discovered antique methods like Oxidized silver combined with gold, Kuem-Boo & Makume Gane.

Every piece of jewelry tells a story…

Oxidized silver combined with gold – the combination of blackened silver by oxidation and gold is exciting. The black surface patina occurs when silver is introduced with sulfides, while gold stays unaffected. In this way the black background makes all the shades of gold pop out.

Kuem-Boo – A Korean technique for applying thin sheets of 24K gold to silver buy heating the silver without soldering. By the use of mechanical gilding (attachment of gold to surfaces) we create a permanent diffusion bond.

Makume Gane – A Japanese metal work of foraging and twisting these two precious metals together to produce a mixed metal laminate with distinctive layered patterns. Translates closely to "wood grain metal" thanks to the resemblance of the final result to wood.
With this new knowledge and thanks to our accessorized studio in Old Jaffa, we started making new collections inspired by the mixture of gold and silver.
Our changed perception was brought to our products and from them to our customers.

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same

There is nothing wrong with going against the fashion norms sometimes, in these places we can find the special and unexpected surprises.

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